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We regularly add new courses covering African History, Digital Skills, Climate Care, Leadership, Entrepreneurship & More.

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Hosting online coahcing classes and events , delivered by professionals and top-class individuals and organisations.

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We are a Social Enterprise in partnership with a Public Benefit Organisation. Feel free to buy us coffee or donate via Rooting Hope.

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We created Ubuntucation to simply look out for one another because we are about #BothoInAllThings. Being a member makes you part of our community.


Ubuntucation is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reasoning and judgement, and, generally, of preparing oneself or others intellectually for life founded on the principles of ubuntu.

Our mission is to leave the signature mark of “Botho in All Things” education and to prepare our members for the 21st Century without compromising values and principles of Ubuntu. We believe that the current global economic and education system is in need of a more conscience-driven, relevant, community-centered approach that is for the the people, has high-moral standards and takes advantage of tech. We believe that Ubuntucation is a force for good. And it starts with the individual (Motho).

Not always! Most of our courses are completely free. All you must do to access the learning material (courses / tutorials) is to create an account. 

There are a few:

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  • Discount on youTHRIVE (contact us to claim yours) after you complete the Reseller Course

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