Lesson 18, Topic 1
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Day 9 – Gratitude

\"\"Watch the video again (see below) and continue with below exercise.

A Gratitude Journal can help you sleep better and have pleasant dreams – It has been proven by psychologists that our thoughts, as we fall asleep, set the tone for our dreams. Surely, it’s better to spend the night dreaming about things that make you feel good.

Before you go to sleep, think of something that made you smile. No matter how bad your day was there must have been one thing that stood out and made you smile. You will feel better and when you wake up the next day you will face it with a positive mind.

Daily Journal: write down 3 things that brought about a positive reaction/idea to you. Write it in your journal and read it before going to bed. Get in the habit of doing it daily to sleep better.


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