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Day 14 – Self-Worth

Congratulations on completing your Self-Worth value, I am sure you have learnt and applied all the lessons. From here on-wards, YOU are in control of YOU!

Follow the tips below!

Taking Control of YOUR Life – The final step in this process involves taking full responsibility and accountability for your life.

You remember this lesson was all about chipping away at the concrete to get to the fertile soil which is your inner self. In doing this YOU have acknowledged that you have the personal power to change and influence the events and circumstances of your life.

I also had to learn this the hard way when nothing seemed to work out, but little did I realise that I was in control of ME all the time but didn’t know it. I didn’t know how to THINK, FEEL and ACT. I hope this lesson has changed your mindset and you have learnt to understand YOU better.

In taking back control of your life, you have rediscovered what makes you tick, learning to take care of yourself, and making time for the people and things that you love.

Now, take charge of your life, pursue your passions and lead a meaningful life.

Follow the tips in the last part of Self-Worth and read the concluding thoughts a few times.

  1. Have “ME” time scheduled in your diary and be disciplined about it because YOU matter. I used to be the person that never made time for himself. Luckily due to work travel, I spent most of the time alone which led me to enjoy my own company. What a Blessing?
  2. Learn to say “no”. I used to have this habit of saying “yes” to everything, including helping financially. It was only when I hit a slump and fell hard that I realised the very same people I had said “yes” to be the first ones who disappeared from my life. This was a blessing to me, as I learnt that I could stand up and say “no”.
  3. Try different things, there are numerous opportunities out there, make an effort of finding them, they can be very rewarding and fulfilling. Your passion and energy will drive you towards this. In 2019, I summitted Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain and world’s largest free-standing mountain) in aid of raising funds for girls to have access to sanitary pads, a basic need. This was the most rewarding experience in that year.
  4. Embrace Life and what it teaches us daily. We all reach breaking points in our lives, embrace it and learn from it. Break through it. These things are meant to be because it steers us in the right direction, we don’t see it at the time. I always say challenges and obstacles come into my life to grow me and make me stronger. I can testify to many such times in my life. After going through this, the possibilities and opportunities just spring in front of me. Remember a breakdown paves the way for a breakthrough!
  5. Keep your home and workspace clean and organised. I have learnt that removing physical clutter removes the mental clutter. You would be able to focus on what you are doing rather than how messy the environment is.
  6. Connect with different and like-minded people. Go to events with them where you can meet other people. Focus on giving value to people, and don’t worry about what you’ll get out of it for now. You’ll need your network someday, and it’s important to build that network before you need it. When meeting these people, always leave them with an impression of increase.
  7. Do something good for others, like buy a loaf of bread for a person who cannot afford it. Do this in the name of humanity. You will be surprised at how good you would feel after.
  8. Make a to-do list for every day, at least five items. Make the list about what is important, and value add to you. I also use a daily checklist for all my activities, this allows me to be more productive in my day.
  9. Remove things from your life that don’t add value to you. Stop doing activities that don’t add value to your life. Stop hanging out with people whose company you don’t enjoy.
  10. Make everything in YOUR life as a choice. Don’t say you can’t do things unless they’re physically impossible. Instead, say that you won’t, or that you have other priorities. Don’t say can’t all the time because it trains you to dismiss every possible course of action. By removing that word from your dictionary, you’ll train yourself to genuinely think about whether something can be done, rather than immediately discarding it as impossible.

Concluding Thoughts
When you have a high level of self-worth, you are no longer relying on other people to make decisions for you. You alone hold yourself accountable, and you alone hold the power to make positive changes in your life.

There is no more complaining, blaming, judgment, or even excuses. You now hold the power. You hold this power because you fully trust yourself and trust your ability to make decisions that put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

No longer are you swayed by the changing winds, you are steady and self-assured. You understand who you are, you accept yourself fully, love yourself unconditionally, and recognize that you are climbing your own mountain. No matter what storms are brewing outside, you are focused and able to stay the course on climbing your mountain. You have taken control of your life.

You are not rattled or phased by external circumstances. Yes, the outside world is a crazy mess. However, your Inner world is as steady as can be. And that’s what makes all the difference. And it’s all because you took the time to build your self-worth.

You have chipped all the concrete away and have reached the fertile soil!

I wish YOU an amazing journey ahead in YOUR life and continue to Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF™

Enjoy the next value of this program, Spirituality.


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