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Day 14 – Gratitude

Watch the video again and continue with below exercise.

Congratulations on completing the Gratitude value of your Journey to Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF™

Starting a gratitude journal is something that the “future you” will thank you for!

Imagine zooming ten or twenty years into your future, having kept a gratitude journal for all that time. Do you think that the future “you” will be a different person to the one you are today? Do you think “you” might feel happier? Less stressed? More positive? Healthier? More vibrant? Generally, more fun to be around?

Or do you think they’ll tell you that they wish you had never taken the time to spend a few minutes a day on gratitude and that they wish you had stayed stuck feeling stressed, miserable and grumpy?

Daily Journal: Make a list of all your wins in the last week and say Thank You, Thank You, Thank You after each one.

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