Lesson 18, Topic 1
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Day 1 – Self-Worth

\"\"Starting from today, I would like you to be very open and transparent with yourself. Be the AUTHENTIC you. In this worksheet you will be given seven (7) different scenarios (one per day). For each scenario you will have to write down how you would THINK, FEEL and ACT on impulse. Go with your first decision. There is no right or wrong answer.

Keep in mind that the sequence always flows in this way: Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions

Some scenarios might begin with a thought, feeling or an action about to take place. You might then have to work backwards or forwards to figure out what the other steps in the sequence are that led to the initial event and how you would react or respond.

Scenario 1 – You come home after a long, hard day of work or school. You feel frustrated and anxious. You then decide to do some work online. An hour in and you are enjoying being online. You are in the zone and can see the end in sight!

Then suddenly, darkness. Your house has been hit by load shedding. That\’s the end of your momentum.

  1. Daily Journal: How do I Think?
  2. Daily Journal: How do I Feel?
  3. Daily Journal: How do I Act?
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