Audacious Humility

Self-improvement, growth, balance and the pursuit of excellence are a must in your life. Begin your journey.


Tsholo - Founder, Catalyst, Author.

“It is by grace that Ubuntucation exists. It is grace that catalysed the fusion of my passions, skills, vision and purpose. I am honored to be at the heart of building tools and a movement that exemplifies the quote ‘Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, Happiness never decreases by being shared.’ It is as true for happiness as it is for the truth, knowledge, love and ubuntu. I believe that Modimo is the the candle that we can all be lit by. I cannot wait to journey with you!”

Order your T-shirt as a personal investment in yourself, your beliefs, and your vision for the future. Plus, you’ll unlock membership with a 1-year subscription voucher as part of your purchase.

Owning Ubuntucation merch is a statement of commitment to your journey towards personal growth, evolving life and professional skills  and community connectedness.

The Audacious Humility Canvas is a new, unique and powerful Ubuntucation-inspired personal toolkit for cultivating growth, excellence and balance in different areas of your life.

It is entirely about you and your journey. You’re on lifelong adventure and this canvas is one of the instrumental tools you will need to help you remain aware, clear and in harmony.

Embark on a transformational journey of self-discovery and personal growth with “Itsose,” a compelling guidebook that will empower you to turn setbacks into opportunities.

Written in a combination of English, Setswana and Kasi Lingo, Itsose teaches the significance of habits and how they play a pivotal role in determining your success.

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