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We are the African and globally-relevant platform for online learning, coaching and a place to connect with the other community members.

Ubuntucation.com is brought to you by Digicademy(Pty) Ltd - a Social Enterprise created to put #BothoInAllThings

Our mission

To leave the signature mark of “Botho in All Things”

We exist to support young talent, small businesses and entrepreneurial individuals by offering access to skills training, certification, coaching and linkages to income earning opportunities.

To do this, we collaborate with organisations and individuals to to create content and programmes that deal with community & personal transformation, education, development and upliftment projects.

What got us started...?

7.8 million people are un/under-employed.
We have an economic & societal crisis!

The official unemployment rate in South Africa is 34,4%! The unemployment rate among youth (15-34 years) was 46,3% in Q1, 2021 and the rate was 9,3% among university graduates.

We felt compelled to design a practical approach in response to the crisis. We aim to continue to growing the Ubuntucation platform and partnerships that solve problems and change people’s lives. 

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The founder

LaKgosi (Tsholo) Sehume

“Lifelong Learner”
“Do right. Practice humility. Work hard. Attract and seek wisdom. Recognise good advice. Pray. Do your best and  leave the rest in God’s hands.”
LaKgosi, an Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner and the founder of Digicademy (Pty) Ltd. He interfaces with Business and Technology teams that lead the improvement or launch of new businesses, products, services, and experiences.
LaKgosi deploys and manages digital platforms for clients; plus he teaches, consults and is the Digital Transformation and Innovation Advisor at Rooting Hope NPO. He has a persistent desire to serve‘ and be a part of solutions that matter to people, businesses and communities.

LaKgosi (Tsholo) has a background in systems engineering & administration, building websites, and small business mentorship which have culminated in the starting of www.youTHRIVE.co.za, www.ubuntucation.com, and www.Kasipedia.com, and the subsequent creation of Digicademy (Pty) Ltd (the company owning Ubuntucation.com and youTHRIVE.co.za).

Courses I recently took:
  • Enterprise Design Thinking Practitioner(IBM)
  • Critical Thinking for Better Judgement & Decision Making (LINKEDIN)
  • Digital Transformation Strategy (UCT GSB)
  • Digital Transformation Masterclass (UDEMY)
  • Mental Health Ambassador (UDEMY)

More of our platforms

Seeing digital platforms, solution-driven projects and ideas come to life is a wonderful feeling. My goal is to enable long-term value creating projects and partnerships that solve problems and change people’s lives.

youTHRIVE World

youTHRIVE provides the Digital Infrastructure for your e-mails, hosting, security & websites.


Kasipedia.com is a place to connect with new people, share ideas and good experiences.

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